Summit Village

No excuses summit – day 1

The summit featured extraordinary names in the sector like, Mike Dillard, Katie Freiling, Jonathan Budd, Justin Christanson, Mark Hoverson, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz (huge sigh. It was emceed by professional cutie-patootie Jimmy Davis. This weekend was nothing except amazing due the to fact that Ray & Ferny were able to obtain all of these names to this summit on the same weekend. Jimmy Davis started the weekend off as emcee and afterwards went right into his presentation. This young success story is absolutely nothing except lovable and also provided every one of his ‘awesomeness’ bring my very first ‘a-ha’ minute of the weekend! What astonished me most was exactly how fully grown and also experienced this child was for only being 28 years old. He was until now ahead of most grownups twice his age!As with nearly anything multi level marketing, Jimmy first resolved the value of our ‘Why. Jimmy went into detail on each of these locations and also provided us an aesthetic of where we required to be in the complying with locations:1. Coach 2. Placing 3. Developing a Group 4. Numerous streams of revenue 5. Jimmy shut the discussion with a bang. After helping us to identify our strengths as well as weaknesses, he then aided us see where we could construct our weaknesses, reduce our strengths in order to produce an extra well balanced ‘wheel’ or business. It was the very information that I required in order to maximize my results from the weekend. Lesson # 2!.