Summit Village

Vacation in sipadan water village

Just the reality that you can not spend the night on this island can tell how unique it is. It is a luxury and the pure nature – all in one. This resort is constructed in Bajau building style, because there are numerous Bajau fishermen that still survive the island. It is constructed over water on stilts made of ironwood, so it is truly secure. You can also delight in Eastern and Continental food, so in this hotel you will have a feeling like you are in a few other time. For those that are not into diving, there is snorkeling, massages, swimming, sun banking, seeing Bajau town, and numerous various other activities. Sipadan is known for a great deal of lots of eco-friendly and hawksbill turtle and also a”Turtle Tomb “with lots of skeletal remains of turtles that as soon as obtained lost and never ever found their way back. An additional preferred diving website is Barracuda Factor which is placed amongst top five sites on the planet and you can literally see countless barracudas creating a tornado-like formation. The only adverse thing you can experience is to be put on a waiting list, because on Sipadan island only 120 dives are permitted daily.